Mospart | What is OEM, OES Spare Parts?
22 December 2023

What is OEM, OES Spare Parts?

OEM, OES Spare Parts What are the questions are often wondered. Companies and factories engaged in the production of automobiles also carry out their production related to spare parts. However, they take a large part of the spare parts of vehicle models into production through contract companies.

Spare parts covering the entire system of vehicles can be examined in different quality due to the production of contract companies or main vehicle companies. Spare parts are divided into different groups according to production and quality.

Types of Spare Parts According to Production Source

According to the production source, the types of spare parts can be examined as OEM and OES in general.

OEM Spare Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM ) spare parts are only the parts produced by the companies that are automobile manufacturers. In addition, these spare coins are sold only in boxes prepared by private and automobile companies.

Each of the types of OEM spare parts has the brand or logo of the brand to which it belongs and is produced on it.

OES Spare Parts

Original Equipment Supplier (OES) spare parts types can be defined as secondary Sunday products that are in the OEM production class. It can be said that OES spare parts are briefly the original equivalent spare parts types.

In particular, the most widely available and preferred types of spare parts in the aftermarket are among the products in the OES category.

Both OEM and OES spare parts types are produced in the same production facility. In addition, they are exactly the same type of spare parts in terms of features and quality. At this point, the types of OEM and OES spare parts are different, as well as their prices and packaging with boxes.

Use of OEM and OES Spare Parts

The difference between the use of OEM and OES spare parts is especially obvious during the insurance damage Decisiondetection. During the repair of damages, calculations are usually made based on the OEM prices of the parts.

In addition, insurance companies also request OEM spare parts of the automobile brand for damage repair and carry out repair and damage removal operations accordingly. In terms of price, there are differences in both spare parts product groups. However, in terms of quality and being equivalent spare parts with the original product, both are considered the same.

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