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One of the biggest reasons for the success of our company and the realization of its future strategic goals is our employees.

As MosPart, we attach importance to gender and equality opportunities and we lead our sector with our international staff diversity. In this regard, the proportion of our female employees is over 50%.

Together with all our employees, we take care to support each and every one of our employees just like a family. As we prioritize employee satisfaction, we try to ensure that every member of our family receives all the trainings that we believe will contribute to their development.

Our company promotes an entrepreneurial management style and works by attaching importance to all suggestions and ideas of our employees.

We believe that one of the most important reasons Dec we are among the most desired automotive companies in the world is the importance we attach to employee experience. We create our approach in the most appropriate way to our culture and by studying the best global practices; we shape our experience steps with human-oriented design principles. We collect the internal opinions of our colleagues and plan all our actions based on these internal opinions. With our continuous measurements, we renew ourselves in the areas we lack; we aim to create a perfect employee experience for all MosPart organizations.

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