At Mospart, we value gender equality and equal opportunities, leading our industry with our international staff diversity. In this context, the percentage of our female employees is above 50%.

Open Positions

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Active Marketing

The "Active Marketing" position is ideal for professionals passionate about developing and implementing dynamic marketing strategies. In this role, you will be responsible for managing and executing innovative sales techniques and campaigns to strengthen the position of our products and brand in the market. The ideal candidate is someone who can effectively communicate, understand customer needs, and provide them with the most suitable solutions.

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Warehouse Supervisor

The person taking on the role of Warehouse Supervisor will be responsible for basic warehouse operations such as stock management, order preparation, and inventory control. Suitable candidates for this role should be individuals who embrace working in an organized and systematic manner, pay attention to details, and are inclined towards teamwork.

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The Manager position is for individuals with leadership qualities who will manage their department in line with company policies and goals, encourage teamwork, and have the responsibility to enhance the overall performance of their department. Candidates are expected to have experience in areas such as strategic planning, budget management, and personnel development.

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Engine Master

The position of Motor Ustası (Engine Specialist) is for a technician specialized in the maintenance, repair, and general diagnostics of vehicle engines. This role is suitable for candidates with in-depth knowledge of engine mechanics and technology, practical skills, and problem-solving abilities. Preference is given to candidates who are familiar with current engine technologies and can adapt to the continuously evolving automotive industry.

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We make a conscious effort to support each of our employees just like a family. Prioritizing employee satisfaction, we strive to ensure that every member of our family receives all the training we believe will contribute to their development.

Our company, which adopts an entrepreneurial management style, operates by giving importance to all suggestions and ideas of our employees.

We believe that one of the most significant reasons for being among the most preferred automotive companies globally is the importance we attach to the employee experience. We shape our approach by examining the best global practices and tailoring it to our culture, designing our experience steps with human-centric design principles.

We gather insights from our colleagues and plan all our actions based on these insights. Through continuous measurements, we renew ourselves in areas where we fall short and aim to create an excellent employee experience for all MosPart organizations.

You can share your CVs with us at [email protected].